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7 Ways To Find Clarity Following The Death Of A Loved One.

When you lose someone you love, it’s natural to start thinking about life. You think about where you are in life, what you want to get out of it, and what’s missing. These thoughts are a natural reaction to your circumstances and should not be ignored, but rather nurtured and acted upon. Take this opportunity to do some soul searching and look to answer all of these questions about your purpose in life and what you need to do to make a change. Here are 7 tips for finding clarity and purpose following the death of your loved one.

1. What do You Miss About the Departed?

Ask yourself what exactly it is about your departed loved one that you miss. Is it a quality of theirs or something that is missing in your life? For example, if you have lost a friend, what was it about that friend that made you so close? Was he serving as a father figure of some type? Was she your support system when things weren’t going well?

2. What Are You Passionate About?

Death is a reminder that we only have one life to live, so we shouldn’t waste it doing something that we aren’t passionate about. Take this time to think about your passions and whether or not you are following them. If not, what is holding you back?

3. What Are Your Unique Talents?

Your passions and your talents usually go hand in hand. When you find something you’re passionate about, success usually follows. Pinpoint your strengths and brainstorm ways to use them every day.

4. What’s Holding You Back?

If you’re not following your passion, not living your dream, it’s because something is holding you back. You may not be conscious of it yet, but use this time to figure out what is holding you back. Once you identify the roadblocks you can figure out a way to get around them.

5. Seek Guidance

Some people recognize this life awakening, but don’t know how to follow through with it and really make a change. For those people, it may be helpful to sign up for a life purpose workshop or class, or read a book on self-improvement. Sometimes all we need is a little guidance to figure out our purpose in life and find the clarity we are looking for at this pivotal time.

6. Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal can help you to organize your thoughts for a more concrete soul-search. Take time to write down all of your thoughts and go back and look for patterns or ideas that you keep coming back to.

7. Schedule Time for This Journey

Set aside time every day to dedicate to your soul search. Once you figure out what you have to do, schedule time for it. If you don’t make time for the journey you’ll keep finding excuses to put it off.

There’s no arguing that death is a tragedy which brings sadness and grief into our lives. However, don’t miss out on the positive side-effects of death. Take advantage of this moment to open yourself up to change and figure out your purpose. Use this time to be introspective and find clarity in your life.

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