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A Mother Grieves

A Mother Grieves

“Every day in a mother’s life, gives another chance to say good bye.”

Every day in a mother’s life
Gives another chance to say good bye
To what was and what used to be
And a mother grieves for what she can no longer see

Her little girl has begun to walk
Any day now, she’ll start to talk
She quickly grows and new skills are found
And her mother grieves over this passing ground

She’s starting school and making friends
Her teeth fall out; she shows off her new grin
The training wheels are gone – a two wheeler’s where it’s at
And her mother grieves over all of that

She’s older now and picky about clothes
The boys start calling and bringing a rose
Driving school is just ahead
And her mother grieves at it all in her head

Her wedding day comes
The time has arrived
To pass the torch and say “good-bye”
And her mother grieves and quietly cries

Time slips away with each milestone passed
The memories can sometimes hit with a blast
Well I want that pain! I want that grief!
I want to look back at all that’s been achieved

I want to grieve the passing of milestones
I don’t want to be sitting here writing out poems
I want to chronicle my daughter’s changing life
Instead my insides are stirred up in strife

The pain of my loss is so intense
And yet, the love for my other children is equally immense.
I welcome the pain of watching them grow
I’m grateful to have the chance to one day let them go

I will embrace every moment of grief
The passing of time is truly bittersweet
I look forward to seeing my Kaylyn again one day
But until then, this mother will grieve in more than one way

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