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Eulogy Speech – A Simple Yet Difficult Act Towards Emotional Healing

Eulogy Speech - A Simple Yet Difficult Act Towards Emotional Healing

The passing of a loved one is on a par with the feeling of facing death – for your departed loved one physical death and the bereaved family and friends the emotional downfall. As most people often state, it is indeed those who have been left behind should be given sympathy and not the one lying on the casket. For the one in the coffin may have departed physically, the soul is then set freely without any troubles and pains this world may cause. Then again, those who have been left in this world will still endure what life has to offer them.

At this point in ones life, it’s very difficult to be brave on the outside yet in reality you’re slowly dying inside. That is the reason why it would help a great deal to let out those emotions and express your grief as you pave way towards healing.

One way of going through the acceptance and healing process is through a eulogy speech – a brave speech for that matter. Bravery comes the moment you’re able to compose a piece, stand up in front of a large crowd and state your tribute to the decease with full conviction. Although it is acceptable to let out some tears, to have just a mere compose self is truly a sign of bravery.

While everybody is in grief, it is salient to take into account that your family and the rest of those in bereavement are somehow depending on you. If they see a tough person in you as you deliver your eulogy speech, everybody will certainly acquire the same conviction you exhibit. However, if they see you let out your emotions uncontrollably, everybody in attendance will feel the same way. Therefore, it would help if you initiate in helping these weeping individuals attain a sense of acceptance and ease from a burdensome bane of losing a loved one.

Grief stricken people are difficult to be redirected into something positive specifically if the death is tragic or sudden. Flooding of emotions and laments are present and you as one of the assigned eulogy speakers should help them convey their grieving emotions into something that will lead them to celebrating the life of the decease more than an incessant act of mourning.

Ask yourself, does my speech have these following significant points: A general understanding of the life of the decease, some facts about his childhood, adolescence and career age, the relationship you have with the departed, anecdotes and unforgettable memoirs, the personality of the decease loved by everybody and some achievements both in his profession and personal life.

These points will help your eulogy speech to become more personal and intimate. It is also necessary that prior to taking the stage and say your piece, you need to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. Write your speech in a quiet place enough for you to reminisce of what you remember about the person. Keep in mind, it is with a sincere acclamation that makes up a memorable eulogy, as you try to speak through your words even at a limited time how the departed have lived his life, how he had touched lives and left a legacy to be remembered by many.

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