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The Best Is Yet to Come – A Message of Faith, Peace, Promise and Comfort

The Best Is Yet to Come - A Message of Faith, Peace, Promise and Comfort

I remember while vacationing in Clearwater Beach, Florida in nineteen eighty-five taking a number of pictures, back then you actually had to wait until you got your film developed to see what you had captured with your camera.

I recall taking dozens of photographs and could hardly wait to see how they’d turned out, and Instantly had my imagination captured by one in particular of what appeared to be an old Spanish Galley sailing into a sunset.

In fact, I also remember pondering the reason, as to why this ship would be sailing toward the sunset at such a late hour, when the possibility dawned on me (no pun intended) of just how magical it would be, if this old ship were to continue sailing into the sunset and then able to emerge completely restored into a glorious sunrise on the other side.

It was nearly twenty-three years later, when setting up a website to promote my inspirational writings that I decided to use this picture for its banner, as it was the image that not only me moved me to write the following verse, but further inspired me to begin illustrating my writings with photography.

I truly hope its message of faith provides the peacefulness of a sunset, the promise of a sunrise and comfort to all who read it.

The Best is Yet to Come

They reluctantly gathered by the shoreline,
watching as she plunged into the stormy sea.
The waves swirling, as her frail bow
dipped beneath their surface.

When suddenly, with one last gasp
she turned toward the horizon,
becoming nothing more than a spec
on the face of a setting sun.

Then someone with a catch in their voice,
choking back tears whispered;

“There she goes.”

On a distant shore, another group anxiously gathered.
The sun was just rising, casting its reflection
over the still waters.

When what first appeared as a dot on a faint skyline,
turned out to be the arrival of a beloved friend.

Those on shore began to jump and cheer,
as she was just as they remembered.
Then someone with joy in their voice exclaimed;

“Here she comes.”

©2000 RichardLawrenceBelford

It’s commonly believed that as we begin to lose the people we are closest to over the course of our lifetimes we never really do find closure, if there’s even such a thing. We just gain a measure of acceptance, after all death is inevitable. It’s not a matter of if, but when.

However, if we are fortunate enough to live a relatively long life, there will come a time when there’s far less to leave behind in this world and more to look forward to in the next, through the sheer joy of meeting up with and rekindling relationships with all the people we’ve lost.

As author Charles Dickens said; ” The pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again.”

Richard Lawrence Belford is an Inspirational Writer who illustrates his writings with photography, a married father of two daughters and the eldest of three sons who grew up in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

He has been on an eighteen year creative journey that has allowed him to become a well-published Inspirational Writer that’s been fueled by his genuine desire to provide comfort, faith & hope to those in grief.

Richard invites you to follow him on Twitter @RichardLBelford, like his Facebook page at: or check out his website at: for further information.

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