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The Practice of Gratitude

The Practice of Gratitude

Today I am grateful for… the beauty of the Sun as it rises over the horizon, bringing us light and life; the dreaminess of the sunset with its warming hues, signalling the coming of the night and the mysterious yet captivating glow of the Moon; I am grateful for the Moon in its never-ending cycle from new to full and everything in-between, shaping our oceans, lakes, rivers and even our emotions – a perfect reflection of the ever changing cycles of life itself; gratitude to Mother Earth for providing us with the perfect conditions to sustain all life on her magnificent planet, the trees that breathe us so we too can breathe, the vastness of her oceans containing the land upon which we populate, the abundant diversity of the Animal Kingdom with every shape, colour, character and uniqueness imaginable, it is this very diversity and contrast that provides the platform of evolution, expansion and ultimately, enlightenment; today I am grateful to the divinity that manifested this wonderful majesty we call LIFE.

I am grateful for our country which offers us freedom, safety and plentiful resources, the picturesque landscapes of coastline, rainforest, desert and mountains all contained on one piece of land, none of which are too far out of reach to travel too and marvel at their wonder; a beautiful piece of land surrounded by ocean, a country all on its own, perfectly placed upon the planet to provide optimal conditions to sustain our joyous life; gratitude to our families who offer us support and a sense of belonging, our friends providing us the opportunity to share and enjoy being in another’s company, our husbands, wives or partners, constantly teaching us more about ourselves as we are reflected in their image, helping us to understand and embrace our place in the Universe; eternal gratitude to our pets, they are the embodiment of unconditional love and we can only hope to love them half as much as they love us.

Today I am grateful for the divine light that shines upon me, I am grateful to the extraordinary being that is ME. To my soul who’s focus upon me creates my physical experience, a miracle of cells, blood, bones, organs, skin, everything intricately woven to create a marvel of a living, breathing being so perfect in every way; gratitude to my tireless feet who work so hard, my legs that hold me and enable me to keep moving forward, my feminine essence bearing the gifts of creation and sensuality, my arms and hands, extensions of my heart offering the wonderful ability to embrace another; my face, eyes and hair, defining the character that is ME; my heart, the space of love and connectedness to all existence; and the miracle inside my head that is my brain – the vastness of which can only be theorised… Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

Today I am grateful for…

Written by Melanie-Lee

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