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Weep No More

Weep No More

Weep No More

I witness each teardrop as they dampen your beautiful faces.
I sense each one of your heartbeats as your broken heart races.
Just the other day I was called home by our hallowed creator.
Don’t be troubled my precious ones, we will be together later.

Know that my suffering has finally come to an eternal end.
I am with those gone before me with lots of time to spend.
Cleave to Jesus and He will swab every teardrop you cry.
God knew best, He said, “Come home, I will dry their eyes”.

Don’t weep too long for I have made it to my destination.
I did my best to increase the Gospel all across this nation.
God brought me through a great deal in this mortal life.
He will rock you through your pain and relieve your strife.

Weep no more, for I am praising God with heaven’s hosts.
No more suffering, I am with the one who loved me most.
Dry your eyes beloved, I am shouting; I am sick not more
Live as Jesus taught and I will meet you on the other shore.

Weep if you must, but know that I am in the arms of my God.
Trust me, leaving all those I love was agonizing and very hard.
Dear ones, I will wait for you to cross that distant golden shore.
We will sing the praises of God together and weep no more.

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